Prohibition to Participate Tenders Under Turkish Law (Book)

Author: Kerem Canbazoglu

"Some circumstances and behaviours during the tender process or the course of procurement contracts are subject to the sanctions. These sanctions could be considered as prohibition to participate to tenders as a rule. The legal grounds for such prohibitions either arisen out of an administrative act or judgement of criminal courts. The latter can be granted on temporary or permanent basis. Besides some persons’ participation to tenders could also be prevented not only by law provided that the criminal proceedings have been initiated against them with respect to accusation of specified crimes in criminal code but also some situations defined in the law may bring on the prevention of participation to tenders. This study examines the legal grounds and circumstances that led up to prohibition to participate public tenders pursuant to the codes that currently effective, State Procurement Code numbered 2886, Public Procurement Code numbered 4734 and Public Procurement Contracts Code 4735 respectively." (form the abstract)